Advanced Certitication in Cyber Defense & Blue Team Operations

T-CCBP (The Hacker Central Certified Cyber Blue Professional)

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About the Course

T-CCBP (The Hacker Central Certified Cyber Blue Professional) in partnership with State University of New York program and is focused to offer deep insights into the world of Cyber Security. It will cover the entire cyber landscape and prepare aspiring leaders for evaluation and adaptation required for effective cyber strategy and risk management. In addition, ODCP programme is designed to encourage the participants to develop their own insights through immersive learning.

Our curriculum is carefully designed to develop and reinforce Cyber security skills that will get you employed immediately. Gain definite industry advantage by mastering in-demand key cyber skills that will make you stand out to meet and exceed expectations of the industry.

We bring to you this opportunity in strategic partnership with The State University of New York. It is one of the largest comprehensive systems of universities, colleges, and community colleges in the United States. 

Course Contents

Domain 1. Information Security Foundations


Module 1: Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Module 2:  Network Analysis

Domain 2: Scripting for Security Practitioners: Python & SQL, Linux & Windows Powershell


Module 1: Programming and Scripting

Module 2: Mini Project in Python Scripting

Domain 3: Governance, Risk Management & Compliance


Module 1: Frameworks, Policies, Controls, and Procedures

Module 2: Risk Assessment and Management

Domain 4: Security Operations & incident Management

Module 1: Fundamentals of SOC

Module 2: SOC Level 1

Module 3: SOC Level 2

Module 4: Incident Response 

Domain 5: Security Architecture and Engineering

Module 1: Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Module 2: The Incident Response Process

Module 3: Software Security

Domain 6: Digital Forensics & Malware Engineering

Module 1: Intro to Digital forensics

Module 2: Windows Forensics 

Module 3: Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering

Domain 7: Advanced Threat Hunting


Module 1: Environmental Reconnaissance

Module 2: Attack Responses and Countermeasures

Module 3: The Vulnerability Management Process

Domain 8: Vulnerability Management

Module 1: Vulnerability Management Fundamentals

Module 2: Vulnerability Assessment Tools and Techniques

Module 3: Vulnerability Prioritization and Risk Analysis

Module 4: Advanced Vulnerability Management Techniques

Capstone Project/ Tech Seminar


  • Internships
  • Patents and Research
  • Product level Projects

Course Overview






9 Months


60 – 100

Mode of Delivery

Online Hybrid and Work Integrated

Skill level

CISOs, senior IT leaders, IT Managers, security managers

Who should join the programme


Anyone with an aptitude to learn & willingness to excel in the Cyber Security domain, irrespective of education background. Students who have graduated with Computer Science, IT & related subjects will have an edge, in the beginning. However, exposure to fundamentals of networking. programming languages & threat landscape will even out.

Working Professionals:

If you are planning to a career which is in high demand, offers better growth opportunities & higher salary package, irrespective of your current industry, age or experience, cyber Security is the most lucrative career option.

In-demand Cyber skills that you will master.


Security & Risk Management

Security Operations & Incidence Management

Threat Hunting &
Penetration Testing

Capstone Project & Certificate Evaluation



Cyber Apprenticeship

Various Technologies and Tools to Learn

Cutting edge tools and technologies to enhance your Cyber skills
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Everything you need for providing world-class support.

Launching India’s First Cyber Apprenticeship Programme

Soft Skills Training and Interview Preparation.
Get competitive advantage with communication and leadership skills.

What to expect from the Programme?

Fully Work Integrated Programme, suitable for working professionals and to upskill & work during the programme    

Accelerate your professional growth through World class curriculum delivered by academic & industry experts    

Introducing Cloud based Internationally acclaimed Cyber range Simulators, with 450+ simulated lab exercises   

Delivered in hybrid mode – both on campus and off campus, with mentoring from various Cybersecurity experts 

Get certified as Offensive Defense Certified Professional, and add value to your industry recognized certifications    

100% practical hands-on learning over international Cyber range Simulators, and get ahead of competition   

Gain industry-ready Cyber defence and hacking skills, coupled with soft skills and interview preparation by industry experts 

Delivered in hybrid mode – both on campus and off campus, with mentoring from various Cybersecurity experts 

Career Support

Career Support

Career Support

Get help from our dedicated careers team through 1-on-1 guidance to land your dream job

Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching

1-to-1 session with our professional coach to develop soft skills, communication and interview preparation

Employer partners

Employer partners

Get employed immediately through our partner companies and cyber security employers

Companies hiring Cybersecurity Professionals

For Indian Students 🇮🇳

Next Cohort Starts: 6th February 2023

Fees : ₹ 1,55,000 (Incl. of all Taxes) - Online Delivery

Block your seat today by paying Enrolment Fee of ₹ 10,000

For International Students

Next Cohort Starts: 3rd Oct 2023

Fees : US$ 3850 - South Asia + South East Asia

Fees : US$ 5000 - For Other Geographies

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